Expert IT Services For Manufacturing Industry

With the spike in demand for various goods, the functioning of the manufacturing industry has been transformed. DWEGA group’s expert IT services help manufacturers to keep up their pace and stand in the competition. With our most advanced IT services, a manufacturer can attain a competitive edge over their market competitors.

DWEGA group’s IT services enable you to use the most sophisticated and secured applications which can track your business’s performance and analyze your business operations.

What We Offer?

DWEGA’s expert IT solutions offer a world-class experience with its applications in almost every step of your manufacturing operations.

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    Inventory and Order tracking

    Our most advanced IT services install applications that can keep a track of your inventory and order management.

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    Warehouse management

    DWEGA’s expert IT services enable your warehouse management systems to operate with more sophisticated technologies and let your employees save time and money

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    Product Lifecycle management Core banking

    PLC is the heart of any manufacturing company. This entire process needs software that never lets your systems down. DWEGA’s IT services keep your PLC systems always up and active to ensure break the free flow of your manufacturing operations.

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    DWEGA’s IT services include GPS systems that keep track of your order transactions

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    Procurement tracking

    We provide you with the advanced technology that aids you to track the procurement activities without any communication loss.

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    DWEGA’s advanced software systems provides technology that can detect and analyze the quality of your products. Also, clients can get full reports on recent analyses.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

DWEGA group is the best IT services provider in Canada. We accommodate the dynamic needs of customers through secured channels and simplified user mechanisms.

  • Application maintenance and service

    In addition to the application software, we do provide complete maintenance services to all our digital applications. Besides, we offer complete outsourcing services to your industry.

  • Best Risk Management

    We understand the risks of systems in any industry. Owing to that, all our system programs and software developed with the best risk management features.

  • Testing and maintenance

    We do the testing and maintenance in case of any block down of the system.

  • Cost-effective

    DWEGA is the most affordable IT service provider in Canada for manufacturing operations.


Why Digital Transformation Along with IT Services for Manufacturing Industry?

To survive and thrive in today’s heavy competitive market and to keep up their high-functional application, robust system infrastructure at ready, manufacturing companies requires digital transformation along with proper services & maintenance. 

Whether Your Products Will Be User-Friendly?

Yes, they are user-friendly and specially designed to be accessed easily by both employees and employers.

Will Your Support Services After Installing Your Products?

Yes, we do have support services for our after installation products. Our expert staff available 24/7 to assist you.

What Kind of Value-Added Services You Provide?

We offer very diverse IT services for manufacturing. It includes complete IT outsourcing, Optimizing Business Process, CRM Support, IT Staff Augmentation, and so. 

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