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DWEGA group – Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and restore services provided by DWEGA group is the most robust and flawless in Canada. We ensure the data backup and recovery done securely and also can be accessed right when it is needed. 

Our engineers work on the data backup systems reluctantly, so that it helps in disaster recovery. We set up automated data backup technology for your systems virtually so that they can be accessed easily, we are the best when it comes to enterprise cloud backup and providing data center backup solutions.

Features of our Data back and recovery solutions

  • Robust Data capture

    DWEGA group captures the data from your servers in a flexible way based on the type of data we capture. We capture all the formats of data and store it to make data backup and recovery perform without any hassle.

  • Protection

    Our engineers are the most trustworthy and have the expertise to handle different formats in data backup & restore services with ultimate protection technologies and strategies.

  • Storage and Networking efficiency

    We store the data on the cloud, which is a foolproof technology for backup and recovery management. Following the sophisticated technologies, we ensure the data is sufficiently compressed and quick data storage in our network.

  • Business Applications

    We use the most advanced technologies and our engineers frequently upgrade our systems for accurate and fast-paced storage and recovery. Not only do backup & restore services, but also make it available for various business applications for your organization.

  • Local offline storage

    We have the most advanced data warehouse technologies that enable us to provide you with the best local offline storage capacity and backup and recovery management. This helps in the faster recovery and quick access to your data.

  • Multiple platforms

    Our dynamic recovery software system supports various platforms for backup and recovery. This helps in the easy installation of software and also supports an easy recovery.

  • Management of data

    Our engineers create applications that enable you to monitor all the devices across all your branches and locations. Our management strategies help you to have good control over your data, for ease of business.

  • Unlimited Storage

    We provide unlimited storage regardless of size and format. Your backup is securely stored on the Canadian cloud for easy access.

  • Affordable and Flexible packages

    We have various packages that suit your needs. Our prices are pocket friendly and the packages are flexible.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Foolproof technology
    We have the most advanced technologies that capture, store and restore data with utmost security and accessibility at the same time. Our engineers are the most efficient and trustworthy in handling and helping you manage the data that you store and backup and recovery.
  • Affordable pricing
    We provide an excellent data backup service at affordable prices and flexible packages which are open for you to choose from.
  • Comprehensive maintenance
    We enable you to manage your data efficiently throughout your locations, so that restore backup data can be done easily and quickly.


What is Data backup and storage?

Well, it refers to the capturing and storing the data of organizations on the cloud platform, for future business references and recovery.

How much data can I store?

We provide you with unlimited storage capacity.

Is my data secured?

Your data is completely secured using the best technologies that keep the data safe and secure.

Can I access my data from anywhere?

You can access the data from any of your designated locations with the help of secured channels.


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