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DWEGA – Network & Wireless Services

Networking and computer installation services are the heart of any organization. DWEGA group has innovative engineers who are fully committed to providing customer-centric, wireless and computer maintenance service in Canada that match the needs of any business.

We provide network cabling based on the size and type of business you do. Our High-quality design and expert installation ensures high speed and hassle-free network. Our engineers are skilled in installing any kind of network and computer maintenance service.

Key Features

  • Customized Network model

    We have different types of network solutions Rack, cabinet and wireless systems, LAN/WAN/Wireless designs, and Firewall/VLAN installation to match various business needs. Below are some of them

  • Installation and Configuration

    Once you choose the suitable network model, our engineers install the network and configure the same for your organization. We provide a foolproof computer installation services that is free from any breaks in the network functions since we do a patch panel installation. We use high capacity Load balancing tools that enable your business to run smoother and faster.

  • Network access control

    We are the computer repairs in Montreal that help you with choosing the network access control operations based on your business requirements.

  • Performance management

    We are best in offering computer maintenance service in Canada; our service will help you set up the feature to keep an eye on the end-users, their devices and applications in your organizations, to avoid any problem before it occurs.

  • Application filtering

    Our software engineers take care of filtering the applications that would technically block or slow down your production applications.

  • Backup Management

    We understand the importance of a backup and PC maintenance services when the system runs down due to many possible reasons. We prepare your network systems with a backup management plan right at the time of installation, to keep your system from a sudden run down.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Best In the Business: With the outstanding features and the ease of installation process, we are the best and the most approachable computer networking service provider for your business needs.
  • Excellent Support: Dwega Group provides extended support and computer maintenance service that will exceed your Expectation. We are Flexible to All Types of Business Requirement.
  • Scalability: Dwega group provides you with the systems that can expand in terms of users without overhaul, eliminating the need for an entirely new network. With our sophisticated and yet adaptable package features, we provide world-class computer networking service that have all the best features bound together.
  • Full Protection: We are the best in providing well-balanced firewall protection for monitoring and controlling your end-users applications


What kind of network model can you give us?

We are experts in installing all types of network models. We will suggest it according to your business needs.

Do you provide multiple coverage points?

Yes, we do provide multiple coverage points as per your demand for the bandwidth. We do provide both indoor and outdoor coverage points.

Do you have strong firewall protection?

We do have the best firewall protection systems.

How do you charge us?

We have conventional charging methods and packages. You can choose according to your business.

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