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DWEGA – Office 365 & Cloud Computing

Office 365 and cloud computing are advanced technologies, being used by many organizations to perform their business activities and storage as well.

The cloud offers tremendous storage space as well as advanced technologies like office 365, used in many enterprise suites. DWEGA Group provides you with the world’s outstanding technology solutions on its Cloud computing that comes with unique and unmatched benefits to help your business grow well.

Key features of Cloud computing and Office 365

  • Productivity

    With the recent need for work from a home culture of organizations around the world, cloud computing and its features, Office 365 has been in high demand. This suite increases the pace of work and collaborates with all the Microsoft applications, which are used for employees’ everyday work.

  • Security

    Data security is at risk when the number of devices connected to the network is increased. However, cloud computing services offered by DWEGA Group has better control over security, thus eliminating the risk of a data breach.

  • Business confidentiality

    Every company has its own set of compliance rules with respect to access to its employees. Our cloud computing solution provides access to employees without keeping the company at risk.

  • Seamless Business operations

    Cloud computing allows your employees to operate from any place and using any device, without compromising the security aspects. This enables the seamless business operations of your organization.

  • Customization

    The office 365 suite and the cloud computing solutions of DWEGA Group come with customizable features that match your business needs. We shall handle the license, installation and maintenance for your organization.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

DWEGA group has a team of engineers who are trained and skilled in cloud computing and Office 365 suites.

  • We help in Migration: We help you to migrate from any software and networking services to cloud computing. This increases the chance of constant growth and development of your organization
  • Installation and Management: Once we are on board, our engineers take up the responsibility of installation for your organization and continuously monitor the performance. We are always there for you to provide assistance and troubleshoot if any problem arises.
  • Virtual Support: We also provide virtual support to fill any gaps and ensure the continuity of your business. Our team handles end to end activities involved in setting up your organization with the leading technology of the world.
  • Cost-effective: DWEGA Group provides cutting edge services at attractive prices and customizable packages. We are a customer-centric organization that strives to drive delightful customers rather than just making profits.


What is office 365 and cloud computing?

Cloud technology is the advanced technology for storage and computing that is being run on a bigger network and Office 365 is the collaboration of all the Microsoft applications.

Does it enable our employees to work remotely?

It is a perfect suite that enables employees to work remotely.

Do you provide maintenance and up-gradation services?

Yes, we do provide maintenance and up-gradation.

Do you offer multiple packages?

Yes, we do offer multiple packages and you can choose the best fit for your organization.

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