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DWEGA Group – Remote support services

Online computer support services are the best IT support services that your organization could get. DWEGA Group is aimed to reduce the installation and maintenance costs of the clients, in various departments by offering best remote technical assistance.

Being the leading IT solutions firm, DWEGA Group also provides best online Tech support that are never second to your in house IT staff. Serving Canada with the most affordable remote services, we put clients’ success ahead of anything.

DWEGA Group offers a very diverse remote technical assistance to ease your business and let you focus on your goals through technical support hotline.

Key features

  • Inventory and installation

    We are there with you to install the servers and software which are required for your business. Our installation team will look after the entire installation of your organization’s software, hardware and IT-related applications.

  • License

    We handle all the license agreements and their renewals on a timely basis without your intervention.

  • Policy management

    We handle all the desktop and software policy issues pertaining to user access and security guidelines.

  • Access control

    Online computer support services will monitor and control the access related protocols for your employees.

  • Virtual Business meetings

    We help you organize your meetings virtually by offering best online Tech support. Our operations are optimised to remotely support our clients business needs.

  • Application troubleshooting

    We help you with troubleshooting any system-related applications remotely via our 24/7 technical support, thus reducing the cost and risk of contact. Our skilled engineers are dedicated to fixing technical issues with a prompt response.

  • Audit

    Experts of DWEGA Group remotely audit your systems and applications for any malware with legal permissions through technical support hotline.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Highly skilled and trained engineers: Our experts carry out a root cause analysis and provide a corrective action plan for every issue so that there won’t be the same issue again.
  • Robust technology and foolproof governance: We install highly advanced technology and reduce your effort and save the costs involved.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: We are the most affordable firm with the maximum benefits given. We use the advanced software and also help the client’s in upgrading their systems as well.
  • 24/7 Support: We provide dedicated remote support to reduce your efforts and the cost incurred for manpower. Our committed customer care services are available 24*7 to provide support and get remote control of your systems when in need. We provide help desk support software and 24/7 technical support over email, chat and voice support as well.


What are Remote support services?

Our Remote support services provide technical support remotely and provide you with all services that are more than equal to your in house technical support.

How long do we get the support?

We provide you support as per your business needs.

What are the benefits and services that you provide?

  • Patch management
  • System inventory and maintenance
  • Software installation and support
  • Security audits
  • 24*7 technical support

What are the modes of your support system?

DWEGA Group provides excellent support services over email, chat and voice.

Will you provide software and systems up-gradation?

Yes, we do provide up-gradation to the latest versions as per your business requirements.

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